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Q Do I really need to a Website? Does anybody actually buy a home through the internet?
A An integral part of the “Real Estate Office of the Future” is the Internet. Never before has there been such an effective means of developing a meaningful two-way relationship with your customers and automatically increasing your sales. Remember, years ago, when you first heard about something called a “fax machine”? Or a “cellular phone”? Did you think these were just fads, techno-gimmicks with no long-lasting place in your real estate operation? Or did you see them as new opportunities to help your business? Can you imagine doing business without them today? Just like the fax and cell phone, the Internet is an incredible opportunity to catapult your sales to a new level by leveraging yourself with technology. The Internet is NOT a fad, either – over 100 million people are now online in the U.S. and Canada, and this number is growing rapidly! In fact, many experts predict that within just a few years, the Internet will be far more important to your business than your telephone. Even more important for you, the Internet is used primarily by middle and upper-class families with children – a prime demographic for real estate marketing. If they are not there already, it won’t be long before the vast majority of your target market is “on the Net”.
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